Gopal Pavan Mishra

Helping Experienced Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Professionals To Create A Freedom Lifestyle Through Scientific Diagnosis and Implementation Without Putting Extra Time and Effort In The Process

What is Freedom Lifestyle?
Freedom Lifestyle is a holistic lifestyle balance of your Financial Life, Your Emotional Life (Family and Social Life) and Your Spiritual Life (Self-Life, everything related to just you), in a way that you have financial certainty and stability, great relationships with joy, love and passion and amazing health, purposeful living.
How Easy is it to Create A Freedom Lifestyle?
Normally, due to ignorance, self-employed professionals, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are working all the time only on 80% of the things (IQ, skills, strategy, system) that is creating just 20% of the results they desire and deserve. But 80% of the Success (in financial life, social and family life and health) is due to your 20% of the things, which takes very less time to work on. Watch the free training to understand what you are missing and how to work on 20% of the things that will give you 80% of the result.

About Me

I am a Freedom Lifestyle Mentor for Self-Employed Professionals, Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs. He helps entrepreneurs to create their Freedom Lifestyle they Dreamed while starting their journey of Entrepreneurship.

My mentoring is based on scientific diagnosis and implementation focused on result creation with the help of skills, systems, strategies, philosophy and psychology.

As an entrepreneur, I achieved great success financially and achieved what I had dreamt when starting my entrepreneurship journey, but later suffered a lot with relationships, health, happiness, and fulfilment. 

These suffering led me to more problems in business and I found myself stuck with insecure financial future, lack of joy, love, passion, fulfilment, happiness in my life. All these happened even when I had all the skills, system, strategy, teams and business running on autopilot.

I did not understand what was going on with me, why I am stuck with financial insecurities, relationship issues, health issues, I was in ignorance.
Coming from a lower middle class family with no business background, I did not know how to create a freedom lifestyle, a holistic and balanced lifestyle, as I was always focused on securing my family financially. And later, that financial security was also in danger.

So, go through my training, where I am showing you how I overcame my challenges, how I created a Millionaire Freedom Lifestyle for me.

Little More About Me:
  • ​Civil Engineer from NIT Calicut
  • 13+ Years of Entrepreneurship Experience
  • 5+ Years of ​Corporate Experience in companies like L&T, HAL, TATA, Essar.
  • ​​Inner Circle Member of Tony Robbins
  • ​​Consultant of Bob Proctor
  • ​​Living Freedom Lifestyle since 2016
  • ​Mentoring Self-Employed and Solopreneurs since 2019


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